02 November 2011


I interviewed a job candidate today. Here's how it went.

Me: "Why do you want to change jobs?"

"Well it's just ... it's good ... but too much ... enough. In my role ... today ... it's really difficult, you know? Too difficult for now. I think it's enough for now. Sometimes my personality gives me headaches."


Me: "Sometimes you need to say 'no' to a client. Can you give an example of this?"

"I was working on a project last year and our client -- she asked us to do all this work that wasn't in our contract. I said no, because it wasn't part of our contract."

Me: "So then what she say?"

"Well in the end she forced us to do the work for free."

Me: "So in the end you said 'yes'?"

"Yes. I had to because I was scared of her."

Me: "Any other examples of when you have had to say 'no' to a client?"

"No. Just that one."

I was on the verge of giggling, so quickly forced it into a strained smile.

He smiled back awkwardly. Then we moved to the next question.

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Lisa said...

Noice! Sounds like the way I work, just less obfuscation.