12 June 2011

Algunas Fotos Recientes - Las Compras

1. Chicken Caesar Salad, Mad For Garlic restaurant, Grand Indonesia

Indonesians love salad dressing. They fucking love it. Some of the salads are best described as "served soupingly".

This afternoon I did my best to get through the Signature Caesar at Mad for Garlic.

The dish won.

2. Bikes For Rent, Kota

I don't understand why they pair a summer hat with each rental bike, but I like it.

I also like it when the punters wear these hats as they ride the bike.

Nits and all.

3. Cocktail Menu, Bibliotheque

I remember the days when a Californian Mother Fucker was the cheapest bitch on the menu.

I don't know why they jacked up the prices but I blame Governor Schwarzenegger.

4. Laden With Stories, Traffic lights, Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta

This, a couple of days after the assassination.

Now I regret not buying it. I would have whited out the "ING" added a comma after "UP" and a couple of exclamation marks after "LADEN".

5. Save The Women And Children.

... for dessert.

This dish is known colloquially as "The Sharon Tate".

6. Wandering Around Ranch Market, Basement Level, Plaza Indonesia

Australia's Finest
I've asked around and no one in Australia has ever heard of this product.
Well at least no one on Facebook.

Comme un poisson hors de l'eau

These little guys live between the pasta aisle and the yoghurt fridge.

They seem to be screaming "let me out".
"That will teach you to eat worms", I mutter as I walk past.

By way of contrast ...
These little fellas seem much more content in the afterlife.
It's nice to see entrails finding happiness in death, especially considering the things they are asked to do in life.

7. Please Tell Me Which Honey Bread Am I - eX Mall

The only legend here is that this scary dish is considered "Jakarta's Best Dessert".
I don't know what this Honey Bread looks like. Or if it even exists. I don't understand this store and have never seen someone eat in there. Perhaps it's a myth. Or an ... umm ... legend. OK so I get it now.

8. Sticker Lifter, Home-Fix The D.I.Y Store, Plaza Indonesia

There is nothing remarkable about this plastic lever, except that it removes stickers from things.

Oh. And it kills people.

Judging by the DANGER warning, one can assume that someone's been done in by this sticker lifter. I chuckled (cowardly) as I read it ... imagining the event.

The doctor explaining it to the next of kin:

"Jimmy swallowed a sticker lifter and I'm afraid he didn't make it."

On the death certificate:
"Cause of Death: SLC (Sticker Lifter Choking)."

At the burial:
Jimmy's family frantically using their fingernails to remove the sticker on the cheap tomb stone

At the inquest:
The judge orders the National Sticker Lifter Association to comply with strict new labelling regulations.

If something like this happens to me I hope someone has the foresight to call it a car accident; or AIDs. Because nothing is as undignified as a fatal SLC.
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Lenincito said...

Ha ha ha... Who knew that for Rp. 4,950 you could have 100 gr of your own indostyle lucky star... But my favorite pic is the Bibliotheque's Menu, where the CMF definitely gets your attention... for its price, because it's bad and the recipe looks more like the NYMF...

Sweet Inspiration said...

Okay I challenged you on the oversupply of dressing to a salad in Spain versus Indonesia. I lost. That wasn't a salad that was a soup.

#5 was funny, but if there is a hell, that comment was enough to seal your ticket.

SinBBQ said...

Don't shoot the messenger and shame on you for getting the joke.