07 July 2011

Algunas Fotos Recientes - Los Cansados

This city is in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Here are a few examples.

Harry Halfjob, Minimart, downstairs from my apartment building

I am very familiar with the storeroom at the back of my minimart: I often help the staff  rifle around for a fresh case of soda water. 

Yesterday this is what I found sticking out from the door. This storeroom is jam packed and our sleeping beauty must have removed those boxes to make room, before getting bored.

That'll do," he said as he nestled down into his makeshift swag.

Business Meeting, Plaza Indonesia, 5 June 2011

This photo proves that I'm not the only boss that this happens to.

The boss (centre back, grey shirt) is giving a speech to his 25 staff. None of them is paying attention to him. Not one.

Look closely you will see that most are punching away at their Blackberries. Some are cradling their chins in their hands with their eyes closed. Others are just staring off into space.

This is very common in my office, where people find nothing wrong with turning up to meetings and not paying attention. Attendance is the main game; not attentiveness.

In my meetings, if I see that ALL people are tuning out at the same time I keep myself interested by saying ridiculous things like "Just like you expect see on the Pacific ocean". As long as I don't change my tone of voice, I'm fine. Last week when I added "... blue potatoes." to the end of a sentence, someone looked up and smiled warmly. Fake bitch.

Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia, most mornings

Nearly every morning I see this chick having a nap when I walk past, motorbike helmut beside her. I guess she's too junior to be trusted with the keys.

Maybe after a couple more years if she gets promoted they will let her sleep inside. Perhaps even make herself a little bed from the clothes on the discount rack.

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Cheesel said...

Reminds me of when Flint said he counted Pete's teeth during the lectures..