06 July 2011

If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

... then I don't have to write so many.

Family Lunch, La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, May 2011

This family was out for a Sunday lunch a few weeks ago and brought their uniformed nanny along to tend to the child.

La Hacienda is not a cheap restaurant, which is probably why they also carried separate food for the nanny - in this case a 50c cup of noodles into which the waiter helpfully poured hot water. 

You may think she is rude to start eating before the other diners' food has arrived, but consider this: once the nice food arrives, she will be busy feeding the child.

It is not unusual to see a nanny sitting at a nice restaurant, surrounded by fine dining while wolfing down some nasi goreng from the local street stall. As the local saying goes ... There's no point throwing good money after bad nannies.

There is also nothing unusual about seeing a Nanny relegated off to the kids' table ... standing beside the children and forking food into their mouths ... or even sitting at a completely different table by herself (the worst table, next to the dunny entrance, handy in case of a toddler emergency).

As the local saying goes ... even nannies need to take a load off now and then.

Some restaurants - I kid you not - explicitly write that their "no outside food to be brought onto the premises" rule does not apply to nannies.

As the local saying goes ... Those nanny bitches think they can get away with anything.

Banda Aceh, Aceh Tsunami Museum, May 2011

Banda Aceh doesn't get tourists. The militant separatists were killing people throughout the 90's.

Then, the tsunami of 2004 killed some foreigners as well as half the city's population, most of the buildings and all of the infrastructure. Aceh was the closest point of land to the epicentre to the Tsunami and the worst affected, with over 200,000 people dying in this small province alone. Every single Acehnese has lost many close friends and relatives to this tragedy and for this reason I didn't ask any of them about it.

There is little left in Banda Aceh. Closer to the shore you see rows of pre-fab homes which laid abandoned for years, until people overcame their trauma and supersuspicions and were able to move back to their former suburb.

Aceh's only museum was funded with restoration money and the visitors are all locals - many students.

This is a popular stopping point in the museum, especially for the younger ones. The girl posing in this photo would have actually known and loved some of those little fleeing plastic people in the exhibit.

This pose is about as sexy as a good muslim girl will go, unless you count premarital sex as being sexy. Many of the girls smiled and draped themselves around this railing in a similarly seductive manner, some worked a thumbs up or rabbit ears into their pose. It reminded me of the posing that constantly occurs outside the massive Louis Vuitton store in Jakarta. 

I saw one guy pretending he was also fleeing from this wave, seemingly showing the plastic people how it's really done.

Another museum exhibit is a mock house. You wait in line for your turn to go inside, at which point the attendant presses a button. The house shakes as it simulates getting hit by a tsunami - you get to relive the moments just before your house is either unhinged from its foundations or collapses around you. We gathered quite a crowd when we took our turn, people laughing at the foreigners as they tried to maintain their balance. "This white guy is so shit at tsunamis", I imagined them mumbling as they pointed and giggled.

La mesa, lamebook, June 2011

I just liked this one.

Airport Checkpoint, Medan Airport,

Once you're checked in, or on arrival, you are free to come and go from the terminal via this large corridor on the right. There is no need to show your ticket to the booth guy again.

This type of security at a major domestic airport seems to imply that either Indonesia believes it has no risk of terrorism, or has no chance of stopping it.

I know what my money's on.


La Reina de las Lineas Longas said...

how reassuring...

La Reina de las Lineas Longas said...

The wave thing is pretty horrendous. Like selling X-Ray specs in Fukushima.