11 July 2011


This was how the first headline read:

The young woman in the photo is smiling. At first, I imagined her leaning against a pram as she and her baby stared admiringly at a red Toyota Prius. Mouths agape in awe.
"One day we'll own a car", she mumbles to herself longingly.
Once the headline was updated it became clear that the Pajero had not been stationary:
So it was terror - not car lust - that kept their mouths agape? Go figure.
She makes for very photogenic hit and run, though. It reminds us how sad it is when a stereotype meets with a sticky end.

If 2 aboriginal kids were run over in Redfern, the police would rush to arrest them before they were even loaded into an ambulance. The newspaper would include a stock photo of black kids beating up a taxi driver; or defacing a building with graffito; or beating up a taxi driver with empty spray cans. Or something like that.
As for me, I don't care if boring people are hit by cars. If I had seen someone looking this wholesome I would have run her over myself; given a Toyota Prius and half a chance.

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