21 September 2011


Garuda is Indonesia's flagship carrier. 

In 2007 it was banned from all European airports due to safety concerns. This was very embarrassing for Garuda (and for Indonesia) and they underwent a significant revamp of their aircraft, service and safety. 

In 2009 Europe let them back in.

Today a colleague sent me a link about the new Garuda, where they are groping applicants to ensure no (explosive) breast implants. My favourite quote: "She declined to be named, saying she was still waiting to hear whether she had got a job after the tests last month."

It reminded me of another recent in-flight incident: photos of a Cathy Pacific flight attendant blowing her co-pilot. Favorite quote this time is a headline from China:

Cathay pacific, pilot stewardess fired after cockpit orgies

But my favourite is the Virgin Atlantic crew member who accidentally played the announcement "Wake up you cunts" on the flight from Orlando. It was a joke intended for the crew but they accidentally broadcast it to the cabin.

I tried to find out more information about this on Google and typed "VIRGIN CUNTS" into the search box. Big mistake, especially when using a work computer that is heavily monitored.


Lisa said...

Rissoles and gravy

Lenincito said...

There's something about asian airlines, isn't there?... I wonder what we could find about Cebu Pacific if we traced down its history...

peter kenneth said...

This post has got some interesting stuff to read !!! well done !!